Alice Cescatti

Stunning, ethereal water gilded pieces by Alice Cescatti. If it’s possible, they look even more beautiful in real life

Using a base of silver leaf wood panels, the water-gilding process involves building up many layers of finely sanded gesso and clay. This is followed by floating individual silver or gold leaves onto the clay surface. The gold or silver leaf surface is then hand burnished with an agate stone to enhance the quality of the metal as a light source. This is a specialist method dating back to Egyptian tomb paintings and reliefs from the 23rd century BC, a time revealing some of the earliest evidence of gold being beaten into leaf. Alice has mastered this technique as a medium for her to especially describe light and water.

Alice’s commissions include

Sultan of Brunei, France, Brunei
Curator of Sculpture, The Louvre, Paris
Alberto Pinto Agency, Paris
Claridge’s and the Grosvenor House Hotel, London
Quo Vadis, Soho, London,
Scotts, Soho, London
Director of Cartier, Paris